October 2021

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Immutable Records on the Blockchain Hello! Today we will talk about battling transparency in industry. How can we, as customers, assure that the products we buy are really local? Or aren’t being produced using child labor, slavery or other unethical or illegal exploitations? On the other hand, how can we as producers assure to our customers that our products...

February 2021

New - MDB 4.3

Introducing MDB 4.3

No-Touch Product Dispense. More interesting and easy than ever! Description Do you want to "remote control" a vending machine, build a solution where you select the available products in an app and use your mobile to pay and dispense? We have the technology for you. Qibixx will release a new firmware for the MDB-USB and MDB Pi HAT products...

November 2020

QR Code Payments

QR Code Payments

Description Today we will show you how our Qibaccount works on a real life setting. By scanning a QR Code the system accesses the user's Cloud Wallet and informs the machine if there are funds available or not to dispense the product - in this case, an espresso. Read More: In this video we present a real-life demonstration of...

Digital VMC - Thumbnail

Digital VMC with Twint Mobile Payment

Description See how we enable any coin accepting machine to get credited with Twint thanks to the "Digital VMC" from Qibixx. In this video we show you how this works with a Bally Pinball Machine. Read More: In today's video we show how we have enabled a coin-activated Pinball Machine to accept Twint Payments. We are using our Barionet 1000...

February 2020

November 2019

October 2019

Contact Closure

Hello! We will show you how easy it is to activate a contact closure output in our device with payment. This functionality has many real-world applications for example in arcade machines where you can activate them after confirming payment. So you can use cashless methods to play your favorite games..