April 2023

MDB over Cashless Vending Machine

MDB. What is it?

MDB, which stands for "Multi-Drop Bus," is a communication protocol used in vending machines to allow the exchange of information between different components, such as the payment system, the coin mechanism, the bill validator, and the control board. MDB is a standard developed by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) and is widely used in...

February 2023

Qiba RS232 Software and Hardware interface for vending

RS232 in Vending via MDB

RS232 in Vending via MDB   RS-232 (in former times also called V.24) is a really ancient standard for serial interfaces. RS-232 actually is an electrical standard, defining voltage levels and maximum cable lengths, but it is commonly used for a specific way to send bits too (asynchronous, with start and stop bits etc). Almost everyone in the...

Close-up of vending machine using Qiba MDB interfaces

MDB 101: Everything You Need to Know About This Essential Vending Communication Protocol

MDB 4.3: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Vending Protocol   If you're involved in the vending industry, you may have heard the term "MDB" thrown around. But what does it stand for, and what does it have to do with vending? MDB stands for "Multi-Drop Bus," and it is a type of communication protocol used in vending...

January 2023

Woman using Qiba product in vending machine

MDB 4.3 and Remote Vending

MDB 4.3: The Ultimate Guide to the Latest Vending Protocol   What is that new version of the Vending Machine Peripherals Protocol, and how does it affect me? MDB is THE standard for interfacing payment peripherals to Vending Machines. Its internal controllers (commonly written as VMC- vending machine controllers). The standard is decades old, it was first defined in...

August 2022

Cryptostry - Blog


Immutable Records on the Blockchain Hello! Today we will talk about battling transparency in industry. How can we, as customers, assure that the products we buy are really local? Or aren’t being produced using child labor, slavery or other unethical or illegal exploitations? On the other hand, how can we as producers assure to our customers that our products...

February 2021

New - MDB 4.3

Introducing MDB 4.3

No-Touch Product Dispense. More interesting and easy than ever! Description Do you want to "remote control" a vending machine, build a solution where you select the available products in an app and use your mobile to pay and dispense? We have the technology for you. Qibixx will release a new firmware for the MDB-USB and MDB Pi HAT products...

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