Configure your Wifi Counter


See how to configure your Wifi Counter easily and fast by following the steps provided below or by watching the video on the right.


Wifi Counter
Internet Connection

More Details


  • Connect your computer to the Wifi-Counter’s wifi signal and input the password;
  • Open your web browser and – while connected to the counter’s wifi signal – visit;
  • Click login (you can ignore password on your first boot);
  • Press SCAN and choose your own business or work network. Introduce your Network Password and click JOIN;
  • Open a new tab and visit;
  • Create a new account or login with an existing one;
  • On the left-side menu choose CREATE PROJECT and enter all the project information solicited;
  • Click your project and press ADD DEVICE on the right side;
  • Check your PROJECT LIST and click on RECORDS;

You can now see all the data being collected from the sensor. From there you can choose to export it, consult it, etc.

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