Connect your MDB machine


Learn how to connect a machine (Vending Machine controller) – in this case, a Raspberry Pi – to our MDB Pi Hat so it can credit the machine and successfully vend something.


Raspberry Pi with screen, keyboard and mouse connected
MDB Pi Hat
Machine with MDB Bus

More Details

Our Setup:

The MDB Bus is coming from the machine into our MDB Pi Hat which in turn is attached/connected to the Raspberry Pi. To the Pi we have connected a screen, a keyboard and a mouse so we can operate the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is being powered by our MDB Pi Hat that gets it’s own power from the MDB Bus coming from the machine.

All commands seen in the video are available here! Commands

We used the Cashless Mode of our Pi Hat so it can credit the machine and, of course, make a vend.

The Cashless Mode is, by default, in Swiss Francs so please re-configure it to match your own currency if needed!

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