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Hello! We will show you how easy it is to activate a contact closure output in our device with payment. This functionality has many real-world applications for example in arcade machines where you can activate them after confirming payment. So you can use cashless methods to play your favorite games!


MDB-USB Interface Plus
Payment peripheral (credit card reader/mobile payment)
Contact closure device (we are using a toy to exemplify this)

More Details

We have a fun example of how simple it is to activate a contact closure output with payment using our MDB-USB Interface Plus.

The reader has a internet connection and a power supply connected to it and is outputting a MDB cable to our device. The MDB Bus is powering our interface so no other connection is necessary. Running our AUTO command the reader is idle and waiting for payment.

By presenting a credit card or a mobile phone with mobile payment capabilities (like Apple Pay) the reader confirms payment to the interface which in turns activate the relay that can be connected to any application or system you may need. You can use it to turn a turnstile with payment, to open a door, to play an arcade machine like pinball. Everything that can be activated through a contact closure can be used with this solution.

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MDB-USB Interface Plus

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