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Immutable Records on the Blockchain


Today we will talk about battling transparency in industry.

How can we, as customers, assure that the products we buy are really local? Or aren’t being produced using child labor, slavery or other unethical or illegal exploitations?

On the other hand, how can we as producers assure to our customers that our products are sustainably created and control their quality?

We created Cryptostry with the clear objective of tackling these issues. Cryptostry offers a way of recording all of a product’s life cycle into Litecoin’s Public Blockchain.

Why Blockchain? Well, it is publicly accessible, secure, in rapid growth and cannot be tampered with.

So how does it work? Simple:

  1. A company records all the stages and essential information about a product, from serial numbers to software version or any other data needed.
  2. Cryptostry writes all of this data to Litecoin’s Public Blockchain and with this attaches an immutable record to those values.
  3. Anyone down the chain with access to this record can search the blockchain and confirm everything about the product.

From an industry perspective Cryptostry allows for a manufacturer to track all of the product’s process, from design, to prototyping, manufacturing, quality control and much more.

Cryptostry can have some records publicly available for anyone to verify and others privately accessible only to make sure that no confidential documents or processes are exposed or stolen.

Thank you for stopping by,

Johannes R.

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