New - MDB 4.3

Introducing MDB 4.3

No-Touch Product Dispense. More interesting and easy than ever!


Do you want to “remote control” a vending machine, build a solution where you select the available products in an app and use your mobile to pay and dispense?

We have the technology for you.

Qibixx will release a new firmware for the MDB-USB and MDB Pi HAT products soon which will support the MDB 4.3 “selection” feature. With this feature, you can “command” a vending machine via USB to dispense a specific product.
Check our video and see how easy it is!

Note: Your Machine MUST support MDB 4.3! That means it must be recent or upgraded. Please check with the vending machine supplier if they already have implemented that feature.

And if not ? Well, in many cases, our “keypad simulation” might be a solution for you, but it will mean electrical wiring and “hacking” the machine, not suitable for all machines and everyone.
Our VEMIO-1 device features a 4×4 keypad matrix simulation. If you connect that in parallel to or instead of the product selection keypad, you can “select” a product for the user.
Of course, only suitable to machines which use 3×4 or 4×4 keypads.


Contact us below for a beta firmware version or if you have any questions 🙂


Johannes Rietschel

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