MDB Connecting and Sniffing


Use your MDB-USB Interface or MDB Pi Hat to connect to the MDB Bus and sniff it. Along with the MDB Toolchest Software you can record and keep the data that’s being “shared” between your VMC (Vending Machine Controller) and your peripherals in the MDB Bus.


MDB-USB Interface or MDB Pi Hat (Plus versions work the same way)
Computer with MDB Toolchest Software installed
USB type A to type B cable
Active MDB Bus connecting a VMC to Peripherals

More Details

To use your Interface in Sniffing Mode you need to configure your jumpers like so: check our online guide!

With this jumper configuration you will be powering the Interface through the USB port. For Master applications where the interface will be driving the peripherals you will need a power supply.

After configuring your jumpers correctly please connect your Interface to your computer using a USB Type A to Type B cable. Move on to Qibixx MDB Toolchest Software and connect to the interface on the top left corner. You can now connect your MDB connector to any of the MDB ports on the interface and Toolchest will immediately start showing the data present in the MDB Bus.

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