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On this concept revision we offer a simple explanation of what is MDB and how do our products interface with it. MDB stands for “Multi Drop Bus”. In connection with vending machines, this refers to a connection technology for peripheral devices (coin validators, banknote readers, etc.). The MDB standard of the NAMA was adopted in Europe by the EVA and describes the electrical interface, as well as the serial and logical protocol.


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The MDB Bus is anything but modern. The MDB’s electrical signal is a kind of “current loop” that communicates with 9 bits (also the higher protocol uses this ninth bit). A modern PC or controller can’t do anything with it. An MDB interface helps here. With this, all MDB devices can be connected and addressed via a standard USB port.

Nowadays, there are also coin validators or credit card terminals with other interfaces. Nevertheless, it still makes sense to use the MDB interface. It’s the international “standard”, by which the devices of different manufacturers are mostly compatible with each other and the connection via MDB is often inevitable for upgrading an existing machine.

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