MDB Interface Firmware Update


In this concept review we will be teaching you how to properly update your Interface’s Firmware. It’s really simple and fast to do it and there’s a couple of different ways to do it.


MDB Toolchest Software
MDB-USB Interface
Computer and USB Cable

More Details

First thing you need is our MDB Toolchest Software. You can download it here!

Open Toolchest and leave it ready. The device you want to upgrade must either have a min. version or you need to have physical access to the board and configure a jumper into the firmware update position (see video).

Now simply connect your interface to your computer using an USB cable and click CONNECT on your Toolchest software. Navigate to DEVICE on the top menu and choose FIRMWARE UPDATE. Click START. After a few seconds a new option will appear showing “UPDATE TO LATEST VERSION“. Click it to start updating and click DONE when it’s finished. If you disconnect and then re-connect your Interface you should see in the bottom of the Toolchest Software the latest version installed in your product.

For more information on updating with different Operating Systems, troubleshooting and more please visit:

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