MDB Logging and Debugging


Use your MDB-USB Interface or MDB Pi Hat from Qibixx to Log and Debug your MDB Bus. See in real time what is happening in terms of transactions, products sold and more.


MDB-USB Interface
MDB Pi Hat
Computer or Micro-computer
Active MDB Bus

More Details

You can use your MDB-USB Interface or your MDB Pi Hat to Log and Debug your MDB Bus. It acts as an “eavesdropping” device that reads pulses and all the data on the MDB Bus.

Connect your Qibixx Product (MDB-USB Interface or MDB Pi Hat) to a computer or to an embedded controller and “listen” to the Bus. Get statistics on how much money was inserted, what products were sold and more..

If you have issues knowing what is happening on your MDB Bus just use your Qibixx Interface as a “Listening” device. Use it in combination with our logging software – MDB Toolchest.

You can learn specifics on how to configure your product on the “Configuration” category of our Solutions Page or visit our Online Documentation Portal.

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