MDB Master


Master Mode is the main mode of our interfaces. We offer a quick explanation on how it works and what you can do with it.


MDB-USB Interface
MDB Peripherals (coin/bill acceptors, card readers, etc.)
Active MDB Bus

More Details

In Master Mode your interface (MDB-USB Interface or MDB Pi Hat) is connecting a Computer (MacOS, Linux or Windows) or a micro-controller (such as Raspberry Pi or others) to the MDB Bus and by extension, to MDB Peripherals.

If you want to build a modern vending machine with MDB Peripherals like coin/bill acceptors, credit card readers,…, then Master Mode is the mode for you.

The interface sends “messages” to the peripherals (also called Slaves) to see if there’s any change in status – “Was any money inserted?”, “Are there any credit cards being presented?”. The peripherals answer back only when requested by the master (your Qibixx Interface).

You can learn more about our Interfaces and what they do in the “Payment” and “Configuration” categories or by visiting our Online Documentation Portal.

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