Pay with QR Code


In this solution we will be covering how to use QR Codes to pay for products on a vending machine!


MDB-USB Interface
Machine (we are using a coffee machine)

More Details

QR codes are being more and more used each day. So it makes sense to create a solution where customers can use QR Codes to pay for products in a vending machine. There’s many different application scenarios for this solution. One will be in companies that distribute credit for employees/visitors to buy products. Other would be a system where you pay for a QR Code and get a printed/mobile version of one which you can use later on any machine that accepts that specific QR Code.

On this particular solution we have our MDB-USB Interface connected to a coffee machine via MDB and to an android tablet via USB.

The tablet itself is communicating with our software in the cloud that keeps accounts and balances for user. The software is free for you to use/test so ask us more about it.

For the process itself you simply present the QR Code to the tablet reader (in this case, the built-in camera). It will show you how much credit you have in your account and you can then choose your products. The system then closes and remains idle waiting for the next user to order.

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