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MDB ToolChest

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The MDB Toolchest is a Java-based Software Application which serves as an invaluable tool for diagnosing, simulating and testing MDB Peripherals or VMC’s.

The Software can accurately catch and decode MDB Communications when paired with the MDB-USB Interface. Sub-millisecond time stamps allow to understand exactly which block had been sent by whom on the MDB Bus.

Various simulation functions allow the MDB Toolchest to impersonate a VMC or a Peripheral for testing purposes.

  • Universal MDB Test, Local or Remote Sniffing and Simulation
  • Written in Java, platform independent
  • MDB Master and MDB Slave simulation support
  • Precise, time-stamped sniffing from the MDB Bus
  • Software can read Bonusdata capture files
  • Able to update the firmware of the MDB-USB Interface (Standard and Plus versions supported)
  • One-time license
  • License tied to the MDB-USB Interface: the software can be used on a unlimited number of computers for file analysis or capture with the licensed hardware
  • Works with MacOS, Windows and Linux
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