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The Wi-Fi Counter: Standard is a low complexity, low-power counter IoT sensor from Qibixx.

Without any additional cost, all recorded data is pushed to a cloud server provided by Qibixx, where you can visualize data, pull it or configure your device. Simultaneously, you can integrate this device with your local server without internet connectivity!

It can be used for monitoring:

  • Production Flow
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Electricity Counters
  • Water Flow
  • High speed applications (tested with 1kHz)

Counts pulses on an input, therefore, it can be paired with any kind of device that uses this interface method, such as:

  • IR proximity sensors
  • Any kind of contact closure or buttons
  • Water Flow meters

Event detection through TF-mini LIDAR sensor. Useful for detecting events happening far from the sensor (up to 12 meters).

The Wi-Fi Counter: Standard is an extremely versatile device and can be purchased in multiple packs, adapting to your needs. Some of it’s customizations are:

  • No sensor;
  • LiDAR sensor included;
  • Photoelectric sensor included;

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