QR Code Payments

QR Code Payments


Today we will show you how our Qibaccount works on a real life setting.

By scanning a QR Code the system accesses the user’s Cloud Wallet and informs the machine if there are funds available or not to dispense the product – in this case, an espresso.

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In this video we present a real-life demonstration of our Paynino and Qibaccount products.

Paynino is a MDB Solution that enables machines to use Web capabilities, in this case, Cloud Wallets.
Qibaccount is a cloud-based solution for cashless payments. The user is given a QR Code that holds his account information regarding balance (funds).

The user asks for the coffee and the machine requests payment to our Paynino which in turn enables the QR Code Reader. The user presents his QR Code and Paynino checks with the Cloud Service (Qibaccount) for funds. After getting the OK from Qibaccount, the coffee is dispensed and the account credited for the specified amount.

Simple and safe!

This application can work on any MDB-capable machine. Contact us below to learn more on QR Code Payments and Web to MDB Applications.

Items Used

  • Paynino
  • Qibaccount

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