Twint App Retail

Payment Solutions

We design, develop and deliver payment solutions and applications. We started by trying to connect the “old world” of vending machines to the modern one of computers and payment systems. Our interfaces make it possible to retrofit existing machines or to build new applications from the ground up. We have interfaces specially designed to facilitate the communication between a vending machine and a payment peripheral using MDB. We also develop I/O based solutions for automation with payment.

Retail Counter by Qiba

Retail Solutions

From cold chain protection to stock control: Today it’s impossible to imagine retail without sensors. We offer a wide array of solutions that can range from Counters that allow for monitoring and control of visitors to a business or to control and count production volumes. They are developed to be installed as easily as possible and require little to no maintenance.

QWC Production

Control Solutions

We strongly believe that the future will rely on automation. So with that in mind we design, develop and deliver control and automation solutions that will allow for applications on security, access, alarms and much more. Find out more about the solutions we have and the ones coming up!