Cashless Payments on Cash-Only Vending Machines

Pi HAT Case by Qiba

Upgrade your business: Cashless payments for cash-only vending machines

Are you satisfied with your cash-only vending machine but need to keep up with the evolving market by enabling cashless payments? Do you want to avoid the expense and hassle of replacing your entire machine? Look no further, because Qiba has the perfect solution for you!

In the following lines, we will introduce you to our innovative plug-and-play module, designed to effortlessly integrate cashless payments into your existing cash-only vending machines. And you might be asking to yourself–what does that mean? Well, this means that you won’t only be able to modernize your vending service, but you will also save money and time.

Resolve Compatibility Issues

Ensure all your payment peripherals work harmoniously with your vending machine and forget about any compatibility concerns.

Techical Support

Should any compatibility issues arise, our dedicated technical support team is ready to assist you.

Easy Integration and Installation

The module is designed for easy plug-and-play installation, acting as a “middle-man” between the cashless payment terminal and the vending machine. As a result, the setup process is quick and straightforward.

Reliable and easy to implement

Our solution is reliable and user-friendly, available upon request.

Cashless payments for cash-only vending machines – How it works

Our module acts as a “translator” between your cash-only vending machine and cashless payment terminals. Consequently, it efficiently communicates with the vending machine in its native “cash-only” language while accepting payments from MDB credit card terminals.

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MDB Cash Only

Technical specifications

Our advanced solution is built to provide a smooth and efficient upgrade to your vending machines, ensuring robust performance and ease of use. Here’s a detailed look at the technical aspects that make this integration possible:

  • Embedded System: The solution operates on a Raspberry Pi combined with a Pi Hat, forming a cohesive and compact embedded system. As a result, this integration ensures reliable performance and simplifies the installation process.
  • Power Supply: Furthermore, the Raspberry Pi can be conveniently powered by the MDB bus of the vending machine, eliminating the need for additional power sources and reducing wiring complexity.
  • Offline Capability: Additionally, the system is designed to function offline, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in environments with limited or no internet connectivity.
  • Cashless Operations: Lastly, it supports only idle/authorization-first cashless operations, streamlining the payment process and ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Upgrade your business today!

With Qiba’s cashless payment integration module, you can effortlessly upgrade your vending machines, offering your customers the convenience of modern payment methods without the need for costly replacements. Contact us and learn more about how our solution can transform your vending machine business today!

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