Digital VMC

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Digital VMC

Highly Configurable digital system for controlling Contact driven devices.

This solution can be used to add cashless payments and control system intelligence for your Contact Driven system. Using Relays to activate the contacts, it can drive a configurable amount of pulses or just keep the contact active for the desired time.

Besides cashless Payments, it is also possible to use Pulsed Coin Mechs or even Twint (for now).

Highly Configurable

Configure input and output formats, Currency Codes, Payment Methods, durations, number of pulses, and more…

Techical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our techincal support is ready to help you.

Remote Update Capable

Need to change prices or output configuration with the device on the field? No problem, if it has Internet Connection, just access your configuration portal and change it, it will be automatically pushed to the device.

Get a reliable and easy to install solution

Available upon request
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Application Examples

  • Self Service Laundries
  • Coin Hopper/Token Dispensers with Cashless Payments
  • Car Washing Systems
  • Timed/Pulse Pump Control
  • and more…

Technical Specifications

  • Solution runs on a Barionet with MDB or MyPOS D200 Terminals
  • Possibility of PoE power supply
  • Possibility of WiFi Connectivity
  • Possibility of QR Code Twint Payments

Wi-Fi Counter - Qibixx

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