Keypad Simulation

VEMIO-1 by Qiba

Upgrade your Machine's interface with Keypad Simulation

Nowadays, product selection on vending machines is often made by wide touch screens and sometimes with no touching at all, using either Web or Mobile Apps.
Keypad Simulation can enable older vending machine models which use a simple matrix Keypad to be upgraded to such technologies, without having to replace all the components, mean a much less expensive solution.

Easy to Install

The device simply needs to be wired to the Keypad Controlled device (typically in the vending Machine Hardware).

Technical Support

Our technical support is ready to help you get started and troubleshooting eventual problems along the road.

Software Controllable

The device can be controlled by Software written in many languages, as it only requires a serial connection. This means that its functionality can be readjusted as needed.

Sturdy and easy to install solution!

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Use Cases

  • Add touch screen with video display to older vending machine models.
  • Development of “Touchless” or “contactless” vending machines


The VEMIO Product series provides USB connected IO interfaces which can be ideally used to build vending machines with hosts like Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC and other standard computers.

The devices use a virtual USB Serial connection and an ASCII protocol (line based) so they are very easy to use and control from a host.

VEMIO 1 and VEMIO 2 provide functions like:

  • Keypad simulator (VEMIO 1)
  • Matrix drivers (high and low side drivers for 12V or 24V systems)
  • Current detection
  • Control signal scanning
  • Temperature monitoring (VEMIO 2)
  • Analog Input Reading (VEMIO 1)

Technical Specification

The solution consists of a VEMIO-1 connected to the Keypad controlled device and a Host to control the VEMIO.

The host is an USB-Serial Capable Computing System, such as a Raspberry Pi, Intel UP Board or other similar computing systems.

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