Introducing LoyalScan: The Ultimate Age Verification System

LoyalScan desktop version for age verification and acceptance of membership cards.

Electronic age check for bars and clubs with LoyalScan

Introducing LoyalScan, the cutting-edge electronic age verification system for bars and clubs. By implementing LoyalScan, you can effortlessly ensure compliance with age restrictions and keep your establishment safe from underage visitors. Moreover, this innovative system streamlines the age verification process, enhances security, and improves the overall customer experience.

As you may be aware, serving alcohol to minors can result in severe penalties, from fines to license withdrawal. Therefore, LoyalScan helps protect your establishment from legal issues by ensuring strict adherence to age verification laws.

As we have already mentioned, LoyalScan not only offers instant age verification, scanning and verifying customer identities within one second. Additionally, our system is designed to eliminate manual errors and ensure precise age verification, even in low-light conditions. The user-friendly interface further enhances convenience by providing clear visual and acoustic signals to indicate age verification status. Specifically, a green light confirms legal age, while a red light indicates underage status, allowing staff to quickly and easily recognize the results.

Applications and benefits of LoyalScan age verification system

LoyalScan’s versatile applications suit various operational needs. For instance, installing LoyalScan at all entrances ensures that every customer is verified for legal age, thereby streamlining entry and enhancing security. It is also ideal for managing large crowds during special events, ensuring smooth and efficient age verification while maintaining compliance with age restrictions. Additionally, LoyalScan can seamlessly integrate age verification with VIP and loyalty programs, thus providing a fast and efficient check-in experience for returning customers.

Moreover, LoyalScan generates comprehensive reports to demonstrate adherence to local age restriction laws, aiding in internal audits and regulatory inspections. This efficiency reduces wait times at entry points, thereby improving customer flow and overall satisfaction. The system’s reliability ensures consistent enforcement of age restrictions with minimal human error. In addition, enhanced venue safety prevents underage entry and reduces the risk of fraudulent IDs. Ultimately, LoyalScan offers a professional and modern approach to age verification, significantly contributing to a positive image of your establishment.

Scanning of Membership Cards

Including VIP and loyalty cards, integrating with existing customer programs.

Quick as Lightning

Identity is scanned and verified within one second, maintaining a swift entry process.

Guest List Management

Captured contact data can be documented upon request, adhering to legal restrictions.

Ensure strict adherence to age verification laws with LoyalScan

Avoid fines and license withdrawal.

Testing LoyalScan age verification system in a real setting.

Technical specifications

Enhanced with cutting-edge technology, the LoyalScan offers:

  • Fast 1D/2D Scanner: High-speed scanning for quick verification.
  • Scan Resolution: 1280×960 pixels, ensuring clear and precise reads.
  • Universal Compatibility: Supports all QR codes and barcodes.
  • OCR Technology: Efficiently validates age and name.
  • Feedback System: LED and sound module for immediate verification feedback.
  • Optional Features: NFC payment integration, Bluetooth beacon support.
  • Connectivity: USB port for seamless connection to POS systems.
  • Cable Length: 4-meter USB cable for flexible data transmission.
  • Power Supply: Powered via USB for convenience.

LoyalScan is available in wall or desktop version. In this case represented with Bluetooth beacon for mobile payments. All versions can be tested.

Optimize your bar or club with LoyalScan’s electronic age verification system

By incorporating these features and benefits, LoyalScan becomes an indispensable solution for your bar or club, ensuring you remain compliant while offering an exceptional customer experience.

In conclusion, implementing LoyalScan’s electronic age check system in your bar or club significantly enhances operational efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction, making it an essential tool for modern establishments.

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