MDB Analyzer

MDB Interface

Analysis and Documentation of the MDB bus

Document the sales of your vending machine and send them to your management platform.

Know in time when products have to be refilled by means of the detailed analysis in combination with a web-enabled controller. In case of fault, a warning can also be sent.

The MDB analyzer is extremely useful for troubleshooting in the development phase.

Sales Analysis

Real-time transmission of current sales data.

Development Assistance

As a sniffer, it is ideal for the development and support of vending machines.

Fault Communication

In combination with a web-enabled controller, it is ideal for immediate fault messages.

Any MDB vending machine can be upgraded with mobile payment or contactless card payment.

Integration into an Existing System

The MDB-USB interface can be fully integrated into existing systems. Qibixx offers you the following services:

  • Extended support and integration advice
  • Customized software for your system environment
  • Hardware adaptation according to your requirements (minimum 200 pcs)

MDB Toolchest Telemetry

Screenshot of the MDB Tool Chest

MDB Analyzer Software

Complete MDB analyzer and simulator software programmed in Java. Together with our MDB-USB interfaces, it offers a convenient way to analyze an MDB bus, simulate peripherals and record all MDB traffic.

  • Decoding of MDB commands and blocks to make them legible.
  • Hex View.
  • Export and import of log files.
  • File format compatible with Bonusdata.
  • Ideal for finding errors.
  • MDB-Master or MDB-Device functionality as simulator.

Built-in MDB-USB interface in a coffee machine.

Technical Specifications

  • MDB to USB interface with Master/Slave mode
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without special drivers
  • Platform-independent analysis software available
  • Optional: 15-Watt output power for micro-computers
  • Simulates up to 4 devices/endpoints
  • 2-year warranty

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