MDB Analyzer by Qibixx: Enhance Vending Machine Management

MDB Interface

Enhance vending machine efficiency with Qibixx's advanced MDB Analyzer

Explore Qibixx’s MDB Analyzer, an essential tool for efficient vending machine management and development. This advanced device not only provides comprehensive analysis and documentation of MDB bus data, but also enables precise monitoring and control of vending machine operations.

Sales Analysis and Documentation

Efficiently document vending machine sales and transmit data to your management platform in real-time. What’s more, stay informed about product levels to prevent stock-outs using detailed analysis and a web-enabled controller.

Development Assistance

Ideal for developers, the MDB Analyzer serves also as a sniffer to support vending machine development phases.

Fault Communication

Moreover, when paired with a web-enabled controller, it excels in delivering immediate fault notifications.

Upgrade your MDB vending machine

Equally important, the MDB-USB interface seamlessly integrates into existing systems, offering tailored software and hardware solutions.

MDB Toolchest Telemetry

Screenshot of the MDB Tool Chest

Software capabilities

Qibixx’s MDB Analyzer software, developed in Java, provides robust capabilities for comprehensive vending machine management:

  • Complete MDB Bus Analysis: Monitor and simulate MDB bus interactions to ensure smooth operation and troubleshooting.
  • Command Decoding: Moreover, decode and interpret MDB commands and blocks for clear understanding and diagnostics.
  • Hex View and File Management: In addition, view data in hexadecimal format and export/import log files for detailed examination and reporting.
  • Compatibility with Bonusdata: Furthermore, use file formats compatible with Bonusdata for seamless data exchange and integration.
  • Simulator Functionality: Additionally, simulate MDB-Master or MDB-Device operations to test and validate system configurations.

Built-in MDB-USB interface in a coffee machine.

Technical specifications

Enhanced with cutting-edge technology, the Qibixx MDB Analyzer offers:

  • MDB to USB Interface: Supports Master/Slave (Peripheral) modes for versatile connectivity options.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, requiring no special drivers for operation.
  • Platform-Independent Analysis Software: Utilize software that runs smoothly across different operating systems, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.
  • Optional 15-Watt Output: Provides ample power for micro-computers, facilitating efficient data processing and analysis.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Backed by a comprehensive warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for extended periods.

Optimize your vending machine management with Qibixx’s MDB Analyzer. Contact us today for expert integration advice and tailored solutions to enhance your system’s performance and reliability.

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