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Paynino by Qiba

Integrate your Web App with MDB vending machines

Ever wondered how you could integrate a fully digital solution like a Web Application, with a real world application?
Well, Paynino was designed especially for that. It can act as an HTTP to MDB bridge which you can trigger with an HTTP GET request.

Easy to Setup

With a clean and intuitive UI, Paynino is extremely easy to setup.

Techical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our techincal support is ready to help you.

Remote Telemetry

Get information and telemetry on your vending machine with Paynino.

Get a reliable and easy to install solution

Available upon request

Application Examples

  • Give credit with your voice, through your smartphone via Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant,
  • Enable payment through smartphones, to give credit to a real world Vending Machine
  • Trigger a payment via a Web Application
  • and more…

Even More...

To test it, it’s as simple as opening a browser and accessing an URL.
It’s also extremely easy to deploy.
You just have to point an HTTP request from your application to Paynino’s IP Address and, if properly authenticated, it will answer back to you with meaningful responses, to give you feedback if the transaction was successful or not.
You do not have to worry about MDB communications at all as Paynino will take care of everything. You just have to wait for the answer to the request and you will have a detailed overview of what happened in the MDB scope.

Technical Specifications

If you are a power user and want to know exactly what is happening at the MDB level, you can also open a TCP Websocket, which will not block any Paynino operation, but will give you all the sniffing data from the MDB bus.
You can then process it and double check if the MDB events went as expected.

By interfacing with the MDB Pi HAT it offers a range of possibilities for payment applications, which rely on the MDB Protocol:

  • Activate a relay with payment (useful for carousel-like machines)
  • Give credit to a VMC via Web Request;
  • Request credit to a payment peripheral;
  • and much more…

Paynino by Qiba

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