MDB Cashless

MDB Interface

Easiest Development of an MDB Cashless Device

The MDB standard is not so easy to understand and implement, as it uses unusual communication technologies.
With the MDB-USB interface, Qibixx offers an easy way to connect a cashless payment system to vending machines.

The MDB-USB interface works ideally with a small Linux controller (such as the Qibixx Barionet). The required protocol implementation (Cashless MDB) is already pre-installed on the Barionet’s controller, and a simple example application is also included in the source.

MDB Cashless solutions can be easily developed or made available to the customer by Qibixx.


Optionally usable as Master or Slave.

Development Assistance

As a sniffer, it is ideal for the development and support of vending machines.

Host Interface

Easiest connection via USB interface. No drivers necessary.

Every MDB vending machine can be upgraded with a cashless system.

Integration into an Existing System

The MDB-USB interface can be fully integrated into existing systems. Qibixx offers you the following services:

  • Extended support and integration advice
  • Customized software for your system environment
  • Hardware adaptation according to your requirements (minimum 200 pcs)

Built-in MDB-USB interface in a coffee machine.

Technical Specifications

  • MDB to USB interface with Master/Slave mode
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux without special drivers
  • Platform-independent analysis software available
  • Optional: 15-Watt output power for micro-computers
  • Simulates up to 4 devices/endpoints
  • 2-year warranty

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