MDB Compatibility

Pi HAT Case by Qiba

MDB Compatibility

Plug and play solutions for integration of otherwise incompatible Payment Methods.

This solution allows for the integration of Cashless Payments in Cash only Vending Machines, avoiding the need of replacing the Machine, and thus saving money.

Additionally, it can also be used to integrate Selection First Cashless Terminals in Credit First Vending Machines, which avoids the need of a different vending machine or Cashless Terminal.

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Resolve compatibility issues

Save time and money by making sure all your payment peripherals are compatible with your vending machine.

Techical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our technical support is ready to help you.

Easy Integration and installation

Vending Machine in a Plug-and-Play fashion, acting as a “middle-man” between the Cashless Payment Terminal and the Vending Machine

Get a reliable and easy to implement solution

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Use Cases

  • Accept Cashless Payments in Cash Only Vending Machines
  • Integrate Selection First Cashless terminals in Credit First Vending Machines

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MDB Cash Only
MDB Credit First

Technical Specifications

Solution runs on a Raspberry Pi and a Pi Hat combined in a single embedded System
Power for the Raspberry Pi can be drawn from the MDB Bus on the Vending Machine
Can run offline
Allows only Idle/Authorization First Cashless Operation

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