MDB Remote Sniffer

MDB Line

Examine MDB Systems comfortably from your office or home

All you need is our solution and an Internet Connection.

This solution can run in a multitude of Qiba devices, as long as they have MDB and Internet Connectivity. Such devices are
connected to the Vending Machine and its peripherals and report to the MDB Toolchest, which runs on any OS, at your computer.

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Easy to Setup

All you need is to connect the device to our machine, and setup the toolchest so it can report to it, and you’re up and running!

Technical Support and Consulting

In case any compatibility issues arise, our technical support is ready to help you.
And, since we are MDB Specialist, we are also ready to help with any MDB Interpretation questions that may come up.

Troubleshoot Faulty MDB Systems

With such solution, you can examine eventual errors in your or a customer’s MDB System, without the need of going to its physical location,
all you need is that our solution is connected there.

Talk to us about your system

We can get a customized solution for your case


  • Easy to deploy
  • Practical “Remote Probe” for MDB Scenarios
  • The MDB Toolchest can run on most Commonly used Operating Systems: MAC, Linux and Windows
  • Ethernet or WiFi Connectable to adjust to your environment

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