MQTT Cashless

Raspberry Pi 1B+

Simplify the development of your own payment app with our MQTT Cashless Payment Solution

With this device, you can focus only on the cloud development and let us handle the MDB part to give credit to the vending machine.

Easy to install

Using our own Paynino or a standard Raspberry Pi we can deploy the solution easily anywhere.

Tech Support

Get support every-step of the way from a seasoned engineering team!

Completely Customizable

Design your own solution and enable your App to work with any vending machine!

Affordable and expertely crafted!

Talk to us and get a quote!

Design the App as you wish

On the user side, you can choose to use a mobile app, web app, or  something else.
All it needs to do is to trigger the predefined messages from the MQTT Broker.

Technical Support
We are ready to help you with any questions or installation walkthroughs.

OEM App Design

How it Works

  1. User Scans the QR Code on the Machine
  2. QR Code Link triggers an event on the Cloud Server where the MQTT Broker is running
  3. The MQTT Broker sends a message to Qiba’s device with credit information, which then sends it to the machine via MDB
  4. The machine dispenses the product and Qiba’s device sends confirmation to the broker, which can send it also to the customer’s web app.

Technical Specifications

The solution can run in any of Qiba’s ESP32 boards, being powered from MDB. Connection to the Broker can be wired or Wireless.
Paynino by Qiba

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