Out-Of-Band Management

Out-Of-Band Management

Building automation is made easy with the Barionet 1000, the customizable standard solution for IoT applications.

The Barionet 1000 controls many inputs and outputs where devices are connected, allowing for centralized automatic control of a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting, video and other systems. It can also power devices on and off remotely, monitor devices, set time stamps and much more.

Achieving a “smart building” using the Barionet 1000 leads to improved occupant comfort, efficient operation of systems, an improved life cycle of utilities and reduced energy consumption and costs of operating.

Individually Programmable

Diverse application possibilities through controllable inputs and outputs.

Easy Installation

Encrypted cloud data transfer via 4G module.*

(*similar products available with 3G/LTE-NB/M1.)

Edge Computing

Intelligent preprocessing of the sensor-measured values. Battery operation possible.

Barionets have been successfully installed for years, both in large infrastructure projects and in small projects.

(References available upon request.)

Application Examples

  • Maintains building climate within a specified range
  • Manages lighting based on an occupancy schedule
  • Monitors performance and device failures


  • Provides malfunction alarms to building maintenance staff
  • Allows for efficient use of and conservation of energy, air and water

Integration into an Existing System

The Barionet 1000 can be fully integrated into existing systems. Qibixx offers you the following services:

  • Extended support and integration advice
  • Customized software for your system environment
  • Hardware adaptation according to your requirements (minimum 200 pcs)

Wireless or Ethernet counter with temperature sensor

Technical Specifications

  • Web-based configuration and control
  • Support for HTTPS, JSON, MQTT, IPv6
  • 2 relay outputs, 4 digital outputs
  • 8 universal inputs for voltage, measured values or contact
  • Ethernet and WiFi
  • With adapters: 3G, 4G, Zigbee, NB-IoT
  • 2 USB ports, 1 Dallas, 1-wire and 1 RS-232
  • 2-year warranty

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