Paynino: Integrate Web Apps with MDB Vending Machines

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Get Paynino and integrate your Web App with MDB vending machines

Have you ever wondered how to integrate a fully digital solution, such as a Web Application, with real-world applications like vending machines? Well, Paynino is designed specifically for that purpose. Acting as an HTTP to MDB bridge, our solution can be triggered with a simple HTTP GET request.

Easy to Set Up

With a clean and intuitive user interface, our solution is extremely easy to set up. You can quickly get started without any technical hassle, ensuring a smooth integration process.

Comprehensive Technical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our dedicated technical support team is ready to assist you. We are here to ensure that your integration process is seamless and efficient.

Remote Telemetry

With Paynino, you can effortlessly obtain information and telemetry data from your vending machines. This feature allows you to monitor and manage your machines remotely, enhancing operational efficiency.

Get a reliable and easy to install solution

Paynino is available upon request.

Application examples

Paynino is an unquestionably versatile solution that not only ensures seamless integration into your operations but also provides you with innovative, state-of-the-art tools. As a result, and by leveraging advanced technology, Paynino bridges the gap between digital and physical interactions, offering solutions to enhance user experience and streamline processes. Whether you’re looking to implement voice-controlled features, enable mobile payments, or integrate with web applications, Paynino has you covered. To illustrate, here are some application examples of our solution:

  • Voice-Controlled Credit: First, imagine the convenience of giving credit using just your voice. With this solution, you can use your smartphone to interact with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. This functionality not only allows you to effortlessly manage transactions with simple voice commands, but also makes the process smoother and more accessible.

  • Smartphone Payments: In addition to voice control, Paynino enables payments through smartphones, allowing users to give credit to real-world vending machines. What is more, by leveraging mobile payment technologies, customers can quickly and securely complete transactions, enhancing their overall experience.

  • Web Application Payments: Furthermore, our solution supports payments triggered via a web application. This capability means that you can integrate payment functions directly into your web-based platforms, providing a unified and efficient solution for managing vending machine transactions.

Of course, the possibilities with Paynino extend beyond these examples. Contact us to explore additional applications and tailor the solution to fit your needs.

Simple testing and deployment

To test Paynino, simply open a browser and access a URL.

Moreover, deployment is equally straightforward. To do so, point an HTTP request from your application to Paynino’s IP address, and if properly authenticated, it will respond with meaningful feedback on the transaction’s success. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about MDB communications at all, since Paynino handles everything. Just wait for the response, and you will receive a detailed overview of the transaction within the MDB scope.

Advanced technical specifications

For power users interested in detailed MDB level operations, you can open a TCP WebSocket. This will provide you with all the sniffing data from the MDB bus without blocking any Paynino operations. As a result, you can process this data and double-check if the MDB events went as expected.

Aditionally, by interfacing with the MDB Pi HAT, Paynino offers a range of possibilities for payment applications that rely on the MDB Protocol. For instance, you can:

  • Activate Relays with Payment (useful for carousel-like machines).

  • Give credit to a VMC via Web Request

  • Request Credit to Payment Peripheral

And much more…

Get started with Paynino today and revolutionize the way you integrate your web applications with MDB vending machines! Contact us for more information and to customize your setup to fit your specific needs.

Paynino by Qiba

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