Qibaccount Docker: Manage Customer Pre-Paid Accounts

Qibaccount Docker: The ultimate solution for managing customer pre-paid accounts

Transform your vending machine operations with Qibaccount Docker, a robust solution designed to seamlessly manage customer pre-paid accounts. Whether you need to create new accounts, top-up credits, or integrate with payment terminals, our platform simplifies the process with advanced features and flexible deployment options.

For example, you can easily deploy our Payment Server to manage customer credits and account activities directly from our intuitive portal. Moreover, facilitate account creation, credit top-ups, and integration with payment terminals on vending machines, whether they are proprietary Qiba/Qibixx models or custom-built solutions following our standardized APIs.

Resolve Compatibility Issues

Ensure seamless compatibility between your payment peripherals and vending machines to save not only valuable time, but also resources.

Techical Support

Moreover, you can count on our expert technical support team to assist promptly with any compatibility challenges.

Easy Plug-and-Play Integration

Ultimately, integrate your vending machine effortlessly with our solution, acting as a reliable intermediary between the Cashless Payment Terminal and the vending machine.

Get a reliable and easy to implement solution

Qibaccount Docker is available upon request.


Explore the robust capabilities of our solution designed to optimize your vending machine management:

  • Easy to Deploy: Quickly and effortlessly set up Qibaccount Docker, ensuring minimal downtime and streamlined operations.
  • Simplified UI: In addition, benefit from a user-friendly interface that makes managing customer accounts and payment terminals straightforward and efficient.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Equally important, our solution supports all common operating systems, including Raspbian, Linux, Windows, and MacOS, providing versatile deployment options.
  • Hardware Flexibility: Furthermore, it is compatible with various hardware setups, including servers, Raspberry Pi, desktops, and laptops, offering adaptability to your existing infrastructure.

Application Icon

Single network deployment

Deploy Qibaccount Docker within a single network for seamless communication with payment terminals on vending machines, like depicted below:
Qibaccount LAN

Alternatively, if vending machines are in different geographical locations, you can also deploy the solution and payment terminals across different networks using a public IP, allowing the terminals to reach the server, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or Raspberry Pi.

Qibaccount Public Network

Optimize your operations with Qibaccount Docker

Transform your vending machine operations with Qibaccount Docker, the ultimate solution for managing customer pre-paid accounts. Simplify integration, resolve compatibility issues, and enhance efficiency with our comprehensive platform. Contact us today to explore how Qibaccount Docker can optimize your vending business operations and customer satisfaction.

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