Customer Pre-Paid Accounts for Vending Machines

Qibaccount Docker - Customer Pre-Paid Accounts for Vending Machines

A solution that allows you to easily deploy a Payment Server to manage your Customers’ Accounts and their credit.

On this Portal you can create new accounts for your customers, top-up credit to their account and integrate with Payment Terminals on Vending Machines.

The payment terminals can be either developed by Qiba/Qibixx, or alternatively, by yourself, fitting your custom needs, only needing to follow the predefined API.

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Resolve compatibility issues

Save time and money by making sure all your payment peripherals are compatible with your vending machine.

Techical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our technical support is ready to help you.

Easy Integration and installation

Vending Machine in a Plug-and-Play fashion, acting as a “middle-man” between the Cashless Payment Terminal and the Vending Machine

Get a reliable and easy to implement solution

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  • Easy to Deploy
  • Simplified UI
  • Compatible with all common Operating Systems (Raspbian, Linux, Windows and MacOS)
  • Compatible with different Hardware (Servers, Raspberry Pi, Desktop or Laptop)

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Single Network

This solution can be deployed in a single network and communicating with the Payment Terminals on Vending Machines like depicted below.
Qibaccount LAN

Alternatively, if the vending machines are located in different Geographical Locations, it is also possible to have the Solution and the Payment Terminals located in different networks and use a Public IP to allow the payment terminals to reach the server (Server being a Laptop, Desktop or even a Raspberry Pi)

Qibaccount Public Network

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