RFID Age Validation

RDIF - Card Reader

RFID Age Validation

Getting Age Validation with RFID has never been more simple.

Our solution allows for the implementation of RFID tokens of all formats (bracelets, tokens, cards, etc) to serve as an Age Validation device.

This application is perfect for anyone who manages vending machines that sell products for adults only.

Learn all about the RFID Age Validation below!

Control Access to your Vending Machine

Add a control mechanism to your Vending Machine to unlock it only for clients who present a valid RFID chip or card.

Techical Support

In case any compatibility issues arise, our techincal support is ready to help you.

Easy Integration and installation

The solution can be directly connected to the Vending Machine in a Plug and Play fashion , acting as a “Man in the Middle” between the Cashless Payment terminal and the Vending Machine.

Get a reliable and easy to install Age Check solution

Available upon request

Application Examples

  • Tobacco Vending Machines
  • Beer Vending Machines
  • Limit the number of accesses to a free product

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Software Flow

The solution communicates with the VMC as a Cashless Terminal
The solution communicates with the Cashless Terminal as a VMC
By default, the Cashless Terminal is disabled by the solution
Whenever a valid RFID card is presented, the Cashless Terminal is unlocked and the product can be selected
Allows Limiting the amount of purchases per card
Solution can be trained with new Cards

Pi HAT Case by Qiba

Raspberry Pi with Qiba’s MDB Pi HAT

Technical Specifications

Solution runs on a Raspberry Pi and a Pi Hat combined in a single embedded System
Power for the Raspberry Pi can be drawn from the MDB Bus on the Vending Machine
Can run offline
Allows only Idle/Authorization First Cashless Operation

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