- monitor your network status - Monitor your network status

We help local institutions to avoid having unexpected blackouts by monitoring their Network Connection and activate a local alarm if the connection is lost for whatever reason.

Monitoring network status in companies is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the organization. It helps to identify potential problems and address them before they become major issues. Network monitoring can also provide insight into network performance, allowing administrators to make informed decisions about how to improve the network. It can also help detect and respond to security threats, ensuring the safety of the companys data and other sensitive information. In addition, monitoring network status in companies can provide administrators with the ability to plan for the future, allowing them to create a roadmap for the organizations future success.

Easy to Setup

The product is ready to work with minimal preparation.


Time proven hardare with ingenious software and service make the solution reliable.

Great Support

Product ships worldwide at low cost, and Qibixx supports every single customer with full technical competence.

Why is it the best option?

“Supervize.ME can be deployed almost anywhere – just plug it into the network!”

More Information

Get notified on your smartphone whenever the internet connection in your business fails.

A locally installed controller continuously monitors network connectivity.
On connection loss, a relay output activates other local devices or alarms.
A horn, a light, the locking or unlocking of doors – Whatever needs to happen!

If a router reboot could fix the problem, the local controller can also activate a second relay to trigger a network infrastructure reset.

Closely attached to the controller works our cloud based management system. The system sends you a warning message when the connection to the controller gets lost.

Besides connection monitoring, our solution accepts signals about faults in the local infrastructure and forwards them to the cloud to warn you.

Keep important connections alive and know when things go wrong. is an indispensable tool for any IT-manager or technician in charge.
It is an an easy to deploy solution that might already pay back on the first alarm!

Technical Specifications

Supervize.ME uses the Barix Barionet 400 as on-site hardware. This small dinrail mountable controller just needs a network connection and can be powered via PoE or a 12-24VDC power supply (not included).

The solution uses a cloud based service for the device management and to send alarms from that service if the connection to the device is lost. - monitor your network status

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