How to Upgrade MDB Vending Machines with Qibixx

MDB Interface

Transform MDB vending machine integration

Are you struggling with the complexities of the MDB standard for vending machines? With Qibixx’s innovative MDB-USB interface (Standard or Ultra), you can easily connect the traditional MDB world to modern IT systems, bringing your vending machines into the 21st century. Keep reading and learn how to upgrade MBD vending machines using our products.

Seamless Master mode integration

First, imagine effortlessly connecting MDB peripherals, such as coin validators, directly to your PC or Linux controller. Actually, with the MDB interface in Master mode, you can do just that. Whether you’re building a state-of-the-art vending machine or upgrading an existing one, Qibixx’s solution simplifies the process like never before.

For example, consider a developer designing a vending machine that accepts coins. Using the MDB-USB interface, they can easily connect the coin validator to their computer, streamlining the development process and ensuring smooth integration.

Effortless Peripheral (Slave) mode connection

Furthermore, if you need to link your vending machine to a cutting-edge payment system, the MDB controller’s Peripheral mode is the perfect solution, since it can simulate a cashless device, enabling seamless integration with modern payment solutions. Additionally, with the “Cashless Daemon” software module from Qibixx, you don’t need specialized MDB protocol knowledge.

For instance, envision upgrading your vending machine to accept credit card payments. With the MDB-USB interface in Peripheral mode, you can easily simulate a card reader and integrate with payment systems, enhancing your machine’s capabilities.

Unmatched Flexibility with Master/Peripheral Modes

The MDB-USB interface’s flexibility allows you to switch between Master and Peripheral modes effortlessly, catering to all your project requirements.

Development Assistance

In addition, the MDB-USB interface doubles as a sniffer, providing invaluable assistance during the development and support phases. As a result, this feature allows you to monitor and analyze MDB communications with ease, ensuring your vending machine operates flawlessly.

Plug-and-Play Convenience

Moreover, the MDB-USB interface connects via USB without the need for special drivers, ensuring a hassle-free experience across a variety of devices.

Upgrade your MDB vending machine now

Upgrade MDB vending machines with our advanced cashless systems for seamless and efficient payment integration.

Integration into existing systems

Furthermore, the MDB-USB interface integrates seamlessly into your existing systems. Qibixx offers comprehensive support and customization services to make sure that your upgrade is smooth and successful:

  • Expert Support: Receive extended support and integration advice from our team.
  • Tailored Solutions: Additionally, get customized software designed for your unique system environment.
  • Hardware Customization: What’s more, benefit from hardware adaptations tailored to your needs (minimum order of 200 units).

Built-in MDB-USB interface in a coffee machine.

Technical Specifications

Qibixx’s MDB-USB interface is equipped with powerful features to simplify the integration of cashless payment systems into vending machines. Key technical specifications include:

  • MDB to USB Interface: The MDB to USB Interface offers versatility with both Master and Peripheral modes, accommodating various configurations and use cases.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: It seamlessly operates across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms without requiring specialized drivers. As a result, the device’s setup and integration is simple and straightforward.
  • Platform-Independent Analysis Software: Equally important, included platform-independent analysis software enables thorough analysis on different operating systems, consequently catering to diverse developer needs.
  • Power Output: In addition, it offers optional 15-Watt output power, ideal for powering micro-computers and peripherals.
  • Device Simulation: Moreover, the interface supports simulation of up to 4 devices/endpoints. Therefore, it facilitates extensive testing and development scenarios.
  • Warranty: For added assurance, it comes with a 2-year warranty that ensures reliability and long-term support.

Ready to upgrade MDB vending machines?

Ultimately, step into the future of vending machines with the MDB-USB interface from Qibixx. Simplify integration, enhance functionality, and experience unmatched flexibility. Transform your vending machines today and enjoy the benefits of modern technology with ease. Contact us for more information and start your journey towards a smarter, more efficient vending solution.

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