VEMIO: Upgrade Your Vending Machine with Keypad Simulation

VEMIO-1 by Qiba

Enhance your vending machine's interface with keypad simulation technology

In today’s vending machine landscape, product selection is often facilitated by wide touch screens or touchless options via Web or Mobile Apps. However, what happens when the vending machines are old? Don’t overthink it, because Qiba brings you the perfect solution: with the VEMIO product series, you can now update your vending machine’s interface with keypad simulation.

This technology provides a cost-effective solution to upgrade older vending machine models that use matrix keypads. Moreover, it allows you to modernize your machine without the need for full component replacement, thereby significantly reducing costs.

Furthermore, by optimizing this solution, you can enhance user interaction and accessibility. As a result, you will ensure seamless integration with modern technology trends in vending machines.

Easy Installation and Integration

Simply wire the device to the existing keypad-controlled hardware in your vending machine.

Comprehensive Technical Support

Equally important, our dedicated technical support team is available to assist you with setup and troubleshooting.

Flexible Software Control

Furthermore, the device can be easily controlled via software in various programming languages, utilizing a simple serial connection.

Versatile and reliable

Built for durability and ease of installation, VEMIO products are available for purchase directly from our shop.

Use cases

Here are some practical applications of our solution:

  • Add touch screen interfaces with video displays to older vending machine models.
  • Develop “touchless” or “contactless” vending machines for enhanced user experience.

Technical specifications

The VEMIO product series offers USB-connected IO interfaces designed for creating vending machines with versatile hosts such as Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, and other standard computers.

These devices use a virtual USB Serial connection and an ASCII protocol (line-based), ensuring straightforward usability and seamless control from any compatible host system.

Key Features of VEMIO 1 and VEMIO 2 include:

  • Keypad Simulator (VEMIO 1): Upgrade traditional keypad-based interfaces to modern touch solutions.
  • Matrix Drivers: High and low side drivers compatible with 12V or 24V systems.
  • Current Detection: Moreover, you can monitor electrical currents for enhanced operational safety.
  • Control Signal Scanning: Additionally, you can ensure precise control and monitoring of vending machine functions.
  • Temperature Monitoring (VEMIO 2): You can also maintain optimal operating conditions with real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Analog Input Reading (VEMIO 1): In addition, you can accurately read analog inputs for customizable machine functionalities.

Optimize your vending machines today!

Upgrade your vending machines today with VEMIO‘s reliable and adaptable keypad simulation technology. For more details and to order, visit our shop.

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