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The Qibixx Wifi Counter could also be called “IP counter”, “IoT Counter”,“Network Counter”, “People Counter” or “Production Counter” and it actually fulfils a very simple function. Counting events and informing a server.


Wifi Counter
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Counting products, counting people, counting anything which is detectable and for which a sensor exists which can deliver a contact closure or offers a serial, usb or other protocol to read out the counts. Energy meters which provide an S0 pulse? Sure, those pulses can be counted accurately too to monitor energy consumption. The device will not only collect those counts, but also will (independently, without stopping to count) deliver the collected counts via Wifi, Ethernet, IP, the internet, 4G, LTE-M1 or NB-IOT  to a server of some kind.

For the delivery of the count data over the network interface we suggest and support JSON over HTTP(s) or MQTT. However, other protocols can be implemented as needed.

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